From 11th-13th of April 2014 the second LEARACT work meeting started at th’Kraftwerk’.    KAS_4540

Soon after the gathering we started with the hopes fears and expectations concerning the current meeting.

KAS_3986 KAS_4114  KAS_4095

Afterwards the group visited the community garden ‘Kronenwiese’ where a representative of ‘Grün Stadt Zürich’ made a short introduction. KAS_4023 KAS_4045

Then a enthusiastic discussion started

KAS_4036 KAS_4075

Back in the “Stadiongarten” the group got instructions for preparing dinner: cooking pizza and crêpes with the clay and the pyro cook stoves.

KAS_4450 KAS_4455 KAS_4464

Next morning the group visited two community gardens, with introductions from people who are involved in the projects: The “Brauergarten”, “seed city”. There they got short inputs, had informal exchange and discussions during the coffee breaks. KAS_4105  KAS_4101 In

The afternoon we startet the compostig sessions, by a short theoretical input… KAS_4132  KAS_4289

Then the expert explained- simultaneously translated from german into english- his method of composting and showed a excellent and ripe compost KAS_4228 KAS_4277

Finally, we started practising by collecting the different ingredients for the compost. KAS_4204 KAS_4319 KAS_4299 KAS_4381

The Air ventilation ‘chimney’ will be the heart of the round shaped compost pile. KAS_4387 KAS_4402

……and documented the process in the field

KAS_4333  KAS_4529  KAS_4363  KAS_4286

After compostig, the method of generating bio char was explained…… On Sunday morning the group started with the evaluation of the composting session KAS_4475

Then each country-group could roughly plan the testing of the method in its own community garden

KAS_4481 KAS_4503 KAS_4509 KAS_4523

Finally the group completed the personal evaluation by reflecting their hopes, fears and expectations at the beginning of the meeting, filled out a general evaluation form and then the next meeting in Stockholm was planned.

KAS_4537 KAS_4605

The group enjoyed the last lunch made by Katrin & André.

Mit grünen Grüßen!


Logo Interk-Gärten

Photos of the event were made by Kasper Vollenweider.

Program ‘2nd LEARNACT meeting in Zurich’


Evaluation LEARNACT meeting in Zurich

Evaluation LEARNACT meeting Zurich

With support of the European Commission



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