From 5th to 7th September 2014 we met for our 3th LEARACT meeting in Stockholm, at the Bergholms crofts garden.

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During this three days we visited different community gardens in Stockholm and spoke with several people who are active within those initiatives.

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Ms. Magdalena told us about the history of Bergholms croft, about the women’s who run the café on Sundays there, “author evenings”, permaculture courses and various children activities – “green engineering” and others.

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Sara, who is a biodynamic gardener, presented us the garden “Matparken” (food park). The park is 200 km2 big and has 19 growing benches. This food park was the first in Stockholm and more has come after it. At the moment there is a small luck of people involved. People also, who wants to join, to do something, to take care and responsibility. “It is mostly because people are working so much and they don’t have any time” – explains Sara.

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We got as well to know the method of “fermenting vegetables” which can be used with almost any vegetables and is a great way to provide good nutrition year-round and to learn to take care about the seasonality. During this “learning by doing” action we discussed different challenges of the food supply systems in different european cities and exchanged about the existing alternatives.

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The planning of the further project progress and the design of local activities were as well on the agenda of the meeting.

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With kind regards, Ida and Sara (FOLKODLARNA)

For more information to the fermenting of vegetables please take a look here:



With king support of the European Commission



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