From 11th to 13th October 2013 ‘LEARNACT’ actors met for the 1st working meeting in Berlin at ‘Gartenstudio Berlin’ …and got into the contact while having a snack.

IMG_4085 IMG_4052

Afterwards they visited the garden ‘Glogauer13’ and got to know each other closer by discussing and talking while walking to the garden… Lina Stuzmann introduced the garden ‘Glogauer13’ to the group. Experiences were exchanged: How to get access to unused urban spaces. How to involve people into the community gardens. How to use the urban spaces as learning environments…

IMG_4042 IMG_4045

Back at ‘Gartenstudio Berlin’ the method of ‘Open space’ was introduced by Juliane…

IMG_4017 IMG_4055

After that, we had discussions in small groups and presentations of result in plenary.

IMG_4062 IMG_4069

Afterwards we developed the working topic for the next day – ‘To create the garden with sustainable soil and social inclusion’.

IMG_4077 IMG_4201 2

While some people kept on discussing in an informal context,

IMG_4066 IMG_4061

some people started cooking together

IMG_4086 IMG_4025

IMG_4089 IMG_4034

and preparing some other things..

IMG_4078 IMG_4081

Dinner was cooked with ingredients from the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of ‘Luchgärtnerei’. The exchange continued while eating together…

IMG_4110 IMG_4112

The second day the group met at the space of ‘SpreeAcker’.

IMG_4118 IMG_4116

During the first session, the ‘SpreeAcker’ project – with different initiatives ‘Spreegarten’, ‘id22’, ‘Jurte’, ‘Schnurrbad’ –  was introduced by both Lina’s.

IMG_4133 IMG_11

Afterwards participants went to see the neighbouring projects ‘Teepee’ and ‘Eisfabrik’, so that they got an idea about the area…

IMG_4135 IMG_4143

After the introduction in to the project made by Lina Jukonyte, participants updated and developed the project. Agreements concerning the communication, evaluation, website ect. were made.

IMG_4149 IMG_4146

IMG_4154 IMG_4173

IMG_4171 IMG_4152

In the afternoon the group tested the ‘Open space’ by finding common sub-topics

IMG_4187 IMG_4196

IMG_4194 IMG_4208

and practicing principles of ‘Open Space’…..

IMG_4197 IMG_4198

The day ended with the dinner served from ‘Guerilla Kochlounge’, small concert and informal and private discussion with guests from other community garden initiatives and cooperating projects. And of cource with dance!

IMG_4236 IMG_4230

IMG_4240 IMG_4248

The last day of the meeting started with watching a documentary about the ‘Open Space’ movement worldwide.

IMG_4252 IMG_4255

Afterward the method ‘Open Space’ and the experiences made during its testing session were reflected and evaluated and results in plenary exchanged.

IMG_4256 IMG_4268

Following the evaluation on whole meeting  was done…

IMG_4296 IMG_4301

Thereby the group told:


The most surprising thing that happened to me during the workshop was:

The visit of ‘Teepee’ – Village…..       The freedom of ‘Open Space’ method…  Feeling of being completely right and good…..    The great group-dynamic, cooperation within the group, trust in each other, exchange….  Discovering of diversity of gardens in Berlin… 

Important learning points:

Recognition, that there are a lot of approaches for facing the same problem…. Talk less, go practical!… That I can not control everything. That what ever happens is okay!…. The low of two feet! …..  Open Space…. All interesting discussions, exchange, experiences made and impressions gotten will impact positively my future way of life!…. Similarities concerning the challenges which gardening projects are facing in different european countries…. When people bring a lot of motivation and passion, then it is possible to move things toward!  The garden is itself a part of sustainable development…   Ecological, social and economical dimensions should be developed in a way, that next generation still can live in a human way… Things have to make changes. Or we will destruct ourselves….  To create long-term and permanent relations in order to develop together things and to work together… 

Some statements to organizers:

Let make next time something, what will remain – to plant a tree – for example!    …   Well done – impressive organization – good job! …   Make plans for more rests in the schedule!  …  1001 times THANK YOU VERY WELL dear Lina’s!   ….   Your are amazing. Keep it what you do!  ….   I didn’t catch the point of the project: Is it about gardens? Culture? Learning? Science?   …  Very good planing! Great people! Nice gardens! Good food! …. More practical sessions!    


Thank you!

Lina & Lina


Photos of the event were made by Uta Oettel.

For more information on the method ‘Open Space’ please check:


Evaluation results `1st LEARNACT meeting in BERLIN`


Program ‘Kick-off meeting BERLIN’


With support of the European Commission




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